safetysuiteC-Net integrates safety business processes into your SAP Business Suite.

Despite its high profile within most businesses, safety is frequently managed with paper based systems or through IT solutions that operate in isolation to your core SAP Business systems.

SafetySuite challenges that paradigm by providing a comprehensive suite of safety processes that are fully integrated into your SAP landscape. By bringing together data from modules in SAP such as HCM/Payroll, Enterprise Asset Management, Finance and so forth, we can now embed safety into the everyday activities of your extended workforce of employees and contractors.

Drive compliance with a proactive safety agenda.

It begins by ensuring each member of your workforce can proactively notify you of hazards in the business, knowing that a rigorous support process will be enforced putting controls or tasks in place to manage the issue. In collaboration with the efforts of your workforce, your business can then use SafetySuite to put in place a wide agenda of proactive health and safety initiatives to further monitor the workplace. This might include audits and inspections, Tool Box talks, employee health plans, safety meetings or interactions, process reviews and much more.

Ensure legislative compliance when things don’t go to plan.

Despite best intentions, events still occur that demand you act in a manner befitting a responsible employer. SafetySuite can guide you through all the activities required to get an employee back on their feet and returned to the workforce with suitable duties. Workcover claims administration, Rehabilitation and Early Intervention become simple processes due to the native integration into SAP Payroll and Accounts Payable. It does not matter if you are self-insured, part of the Comcare scheme or operate in multiple jurisdictions. SafetySuite has out-of-the-box functionality for you to ensure you deliver on your obligations. We guarantee your legal compliance.