Our aim is not to provide you with a working solution and then part ways. Once your system is operational our consultants will set up regular monthly meetings with your business users where you can discuss issues and improvements or just ask those “How do I…” questions.
Furthermore, to ensure your longer term strategy is being met, our senior management will meet with your senior business stakeholders each quarter to ensure that your business and IT strategies and any further phased solution rollout timelines are being met.
Additionally, C-Net allocates each customer an annual budget for Continuous Improvement activities. This is a variable number of days of free consulting (depending on the size of your implementation) that can be used to have us build a specialist report, configure new features or whatever else you need.
It’s in our best interest to ensure that your team are happy, so giving you this time for free ensures that we can close those functional gaps that would otherwise bother you, and you do not have to go through the process of asking for budget and compete for funding with other more politically visible business units.
We will be with you every step of the way, as achieving compliance might have been your aim, but ensuring you maintain it is our business.