listen_1C-Net is staffed by advisors, developers and consultants that are specialists in Workplace Health & Safety. It’s all they do.
When first introduced into your business we are able to have meaningful conversations about your requirements for managing safety from the outset. Many of the processes you need solutions for, such as Workers Compensation, necessitate calculations that are very complex and require detailed knowledge of both the legislation and how to build the solution into your SAP systems. We listen to what you need and map that into our SafetySuite solutions.
Our staff appreciate the opportunity to walk through your plant and offices, meet your employees and see firsthand the issues you face. Often our conversations tends toward around how we have addressed similar problems at other customer sites. This is always encouraged as there is no better proof point than working solutions within your peer group that are delivering the value that you need for your own business case.
Once we fully understand your expectations, we will explain how your solution will be achieved and use this knowledge to deliver you a best practices solution.