Once we understand your business requirements we can implement the solution quickly. So if you had an implementation budget in mind for your new safety solution, hang on to it.
Our team are really good at what they do, and will take your requirements and expectations away and configure a SafetySuite solution to meet them. We then return to play back this solution to you. And we do this for free.
By this time, we believe your solution will be at least 90% compatible to what you were hoping for. It’s at this point where you might say “actually, that’s good enough!” and just run with it. By now we are maybe 3 or 4 weeks into the process and you have a working solution that has achieved a zero implementation cost.
If there are a few additional things that we need to configure or build then our team can scope out the issue, give you a quote for the few days’ work and ensure you are achieving value from your investment quickly. We are very confident that over the years we have come up against, and overcome, so many unique customer issues that once our standard system has been configured by our specialist team there are very few challenges that cannot be quickly overcome.